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Pants Dancingly
~sketchblog of epic proportions~
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1st-Apr-2008 12:21 am - Blue
22nd-Mar-2008 03:50 pm - Bunny Shoes
Just in time for Easter? or something, anyways. She freaks me out.

Under the cut!Collapse )
19th-Mar-2008 08:00 pm - I work hard.
Hetalia - Maple~~
Yeeeees. Totally didn't do these on my work. At work. Would I do that?

Sketchz0rz go hereCollapse )
17th-Mar-2008 10:58 pm - Commish
It's my one and only commission from Animaritime!  Yay!  I'm gonna post it here because I kinda like how it turned out, the character was fun to draw and...I gots nothin' else xD


13th-Feb-2008 09:56 pm - art week
Ty pixels
....end. and then the next week XD;;


Suze your last artpiece made me wibble alot- it was tres beautiful (im not sure if you posted it on here- but it derseves props, dammat!!) ♥

11th-Feb-2008 11:21 pm - So I'll Kiss the Sky Goodnight
Okay I scanned a bunch of stuff but I'm not gonna upload it all at once to save your sanities.  :D

10th-Feb-2008 11:22 pm(no subject)
This took what I approximate to a mofillion hours, but I can't finish eeeet! I am. SO CLOSE. But I need to know which background is nicer? I've been looking at this thing so long I can't make any kind of reasonable judgement.

Photobucket Photobucket
3rd-Feb-2008 02:02 pm(no subject)
Myu's Art Meme!Collapse )

Click to see it, but be warned that it is X-BOX HUGE.
31st-Jan-2008 06:26 pm(no subject)
Shwee, dug up this sketch-in-progress and slapped it cause bitch don't got my money some colour on it in PS. Gradient is the lazy girl's shading and I love it <3

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